As various arts and cultural events continue to be significantly affected by the COVID-19 situation, sites for music have also been compelled to evolve their format and role in a way that would allow them to coexist with the unforeseeable changes waiting ahead. Music for Environment -Sprout sounds, Resonate scapes-, which will be held at the Plaza, Art Tower Mito as a coinciding program of Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown, is an event that reconsiders the relationship between music and the “environment” that surrounds our world in the time of dramatic change. By featuring performances of three artists/musicians, this program seeks to present diverse approaches and sensibilities on sound and space, presenting their commonality and differences to the audience. This program seeks to embark on this adventure of laying the groundwork for new music in future domains alongside the audience while appreciating the reality of an environment that is set in motion through the act of “listening.” Also, The original mixes of fellow artists will be regularly made available. Currently, an audio mix containing unreleased music by Yutaka Hirose, the artist who has attracted much attention for the reissue of Nova+4 for the first time in 33 years, has been uploaded. Music that will be released in the future includes an audio mix of Spencer Doran(Visible Cloaks), who is known for his mastery of Ambient music and culture, that has drawn inspiration from the architecture of Arata Isozaki who designed Art Tower Mito.

Date&Time: Tuesday (national holiday), 3 November, 2020, 17:00-19:30 (Venue opens at16:30.)
Artist: Hideki Umezawa+Yoichi Kamimura+Takehito Koganegawa, Shuta Hasunuma, INOYAMALAND, Kazunori Toganoki (DJ)
Venue: Plaza, Art Tower Mito (The venue will be changed in bad weather condition.)
Capacity: 50 sheets with advanced booking (there will be additional sheets available on site.)
Price: Free (Exhibition ticket [900 yen] is required.)
Ticket: https://www.arttowermito.or.jp/english/gallery/lineup/article_5128.html
Organized by Music for Environment, Mito Arts Foundation
Main Artwork: Hikaru Harada
Design: Yusuke Shono


MfE002 Visible Cloaks - Mix for Art Tower Mito

The idea with this mix is to sequence a tracklist which captures my own mental model of Isozaki’s building. The spiraling of the Boerdijk–Coxeter helix tower represented as the cross changing of English handbell ringing, or the mist of the rock fountain represented as the air of breath - but also to mix contemporary music with work from around the time of the building’s construction to capture the way in which architectural monuments - which always bears the historical legacy of the time in which it was designed and constructed - are continually juxtaposed with contemporary physical reality as we continue to observe, reassess and inhabit them as an objects in time.

Wayne Phoenix - Place
細井美裕(Miyu Hosoi) - Lenna (Hpl22 Ver.) [feat. Chikara Uemizutaru & Misaki Hasuo] (first section)
ssaliva - so long to my skull
Beatriz Ferreyra - La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien à la mé-mère (partial section)
浦田恵司 (Keishi Urata) - 月夜の晩に (On A Moonlit Night)
小松千倫 (Kazumichi Komatsu) - Emory
Otro - Dance Of The Young (Augurs Of Spring)
HMOT - Sedate
Walter Zimmermann - I Rossinis Einzug In Wien (Rossini's Arrival In Vienna)
Nour Mobarak - Allophone Movement (partial section)
Angklung - Angroove
Change Ringing Handbell Group - Stedman Cinques
テツ・イノウエ (Tetsu Inoue) & Andrew Deutsch ‎– Installation Sound
福沢もろ(Moro Fukuzawa) - 10 2999年の童話
Global Guaranty Orchestra - Marble Rain
Michel Redolfi - Giving Love Away Berceuses (comp. Robert Ashley)
Robert Ashley - Anecdote With Chorale "Giving Love Away" (final section)
Seigen Ono (小野誠彦) - You Are Here

Yutaka Hirose『Drawer in My Head』

When I worked at a job related to sound, I used to do sound design with a concept of "A creation of sculpture of time by sound". Last year I got a request to make a mix from The Vinyl Factory and spend some time thinking about what mix means for me, and it leaded me to come up with a concept of "A creation of Short film by sound". Then I visualized it on mix with a variety of sounds that I listened to when I made Nova. This mix also succeed to that concept and in order to reconfirm the potential of the sounds I have been creating, I gave the theme of "Voices buried in the library" and did mixing based on the sounds with voice. As for the tracks I used I didn’t give a specific title but have chosen them including in 1985, 1990-1991, and 2014. The final take is from Fissures of the Atmosphere (1986) from WRWTFWW's Nova+4 cassette.